PIFRA – Platform for Pay Slip and Registration Slip Formation for Monthly Salary

Now PIFRA is in Pakistan. It is good news for all the employees working in government sectors concerning their pay slip. The government of Pakistan has newly launched a website that is liable to give pay slips to those employees working for government sector. This website can automatically send pay slips to the respective employees. This website is said to be as PIFRA.

Before the launch of Pifra it was really difficult to get the pay slips. You were needed to be the part of long queues for hours. However, now it is quite simple to get your pay slip in the comfort of your home. It is a relief offered by Pakistan government. All the government employees, doctors, teachers, school and college clerks, officers and most of others can get their pay slips direct at their e-mail box each month.

This is the guide to let you know the way to get the salary slip via Pifra. Read further to get to know complete details about it.

About Pifra Salary Slip:

Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing is the full form of PIFRA. This platform is for providing relief and ease to the government officials. Via the use of this program, it is now easiest getting statements and sending salaries now. The accuracy of this program is 100% and there are not any chances of blunders too.

The name of official website is www.pifra.gov.pk. But, now it is moved to new domain and the website altered to http://www.fabs.gov.pk. Moreover, to get to the direct page of pay slip you can follow the link, http://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#.

This is the website having detailed structure and accessibility to all the financial management of employees. The interface of website is also simple for navigation.

Online Pifra Pay Slip:

We are now at the top of the world because of the modernism of technology and computers. Now, almost all the things are transformed into digital shape. It does not matters whether the task is to book tickets online , getting money via internet, online shopping, sending money, etc. Each of the time, we do any of these, it is the digital way to get it done with ultimate convenience.

So when it comes to pays, salary, or wages, this is now also digitalized in Pakistan. Now it becomes quite simple to get your pay slip online. Furthermore, note it that it is the very first digital way to get the salary slip online.

Registration to PIFRA:

You may think that registration to Pifra would be a difficult process. But in reality it is just like a piece of cake. But still you have enter certain regional and personal information. Make sure that you are a Pakistani government employee. Consider these guidelines before you sign up.

The information you need to enter includes your full name, your CNIC number, your personal number, your province name, date of birth, your e-mail address, your government level scale, and the government code. Keep all these points ready before going to further process.

Online Registration Form at Pifra.gov.pk:

Consider the following points to get yourself register.

  1. Navigate through the official website. Then you will get redirected to the new website that’s particularly for registration.
  2. Then you have to go to the services option and then click onto the option of ‘Online salary slip/Pension slip’.
  3. Presently on the page, there will be alternatives on the site’s header.
  4. Then you are on the online registration structure.
  5. Now, you have to enter all the data we have talked about before.
  6. Firstly what you need to give is, Government Code, select your provincial Government code for instance for Punjab, P and for Sindh, S.
  7. Then, consider representatives close to home number which is to be given.
  8. Now, you have to provide your CINC or NIC number.
  9. After providing your CNIC number, you have to enter your birth date. Assure to enter your date in this format DD/MM/YY.
  10. Now finally, you have to enter your cell phone number.

Sign Up To Pifra.gov,pk:

Up to this point, you are not enrolled; you will get a message beneath your all the provided data that is “Please click here to for the verification of your given data”. Tap on to it, on the off chance that your whole data is alright, at that point you will be requested for your email address.

You have to put your email address multiple times, for legitimacy and affirmation, subsequent to entering the email address, press Enter from your console.

Keep in mind that only Gmail clients can join with it as of now. Different emails won’t have the option to do as such.

In the wake of presenting an email address, there will be a message, “now everything is fine, kindly click onto the submit button” Click on the submit catch and you will get enrolled effectively. Presently you will get your compensation slip on consistently in your mail inbox.

Pay Slip Check by Pifra:

In the event that you need to ensure that you have finished enlistment, there is an option to check it. Navigate through the primary page where you put all your data. Present every one of the subtleties again and rehash the enlistment procedure. You will get a message that you have as of now effectively enrolled. Then you can check your compensation slip from the following month.

The Way To Take Pifra Salary Slip Online:

When you have enrolled with it, it is kind of easy to get compensation slip on the web. On consistently, when you get your pay, your pay explanation or slip will send to your email id automatically.

You should simply, open your email address that is connected to Pifra, and there you can check your pay slip online.

In the event that you don’t get your pay slip in your email id, ensure you have provided the accurate email address.

You can check it by messaging to the help at [email protected]

Or instead of this,

You can call the administration of Pifra at +92-51-9107248

On the off chance that, your email is wrong, you can request that they make it right.

Pay Slip for www.agpunjab.gov.pk:

Presently the administration representatives of Punjab can likewise get their compensation slip on the web. You don’t have to get into the hurry. All your compensation slips will be forward to you by means of email. Access your compensation slips only a tick away.

Pay Slip for Ag Sindh:

Like Punjab, Sindh government has additionally supported this framework for sending pay slips on the web. All Sindh govt representatives are permitted to get enlisted and gather their compensation slips on the web.

Pay Slips for Teachers:

Government educator’s pay slip is accessible on the web. Govt instructors need to get register with it and from that point forward; they can get their pay slips by means of messages on consistently.

Salary Slip Format in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, there are two arrangements of pay slips, one is Private division compensation slip group and another is Government part pay slip position.

In the two areas, representatives can get their compensation slip legitimately or online also. Most generally in government parts, the worker gets their pay slip by means of email. Also, this is far helpful undoubtedly. We will next discussion about how to get compensation slip on the web and will examine how to get pay slip from PIFRA.

Types and Guide Of Pifra Pay Slip

Pay slip is the great thing I representative completes after his work is. A worker works from 9 am to 5 pm, consistently. This routine is extremely rushed and required a ton of difficult work and vitality to done.

Gaining cash is certifiably not an a piece of cake, particularly in Pakistan; it is a thing that requires a great deal of endeavors and time. You have to find a workable pace prepare for your activity and where you spend your nearly the entire day only for cash.

Pay is that reason, which keeps you on the track other than everything being equal and impediments.

There are barely any further kinds of pay slip.

  1. Representative Pay Slip
  2. Regularly scheduled Pay Slip
  3. PIFRA Salary Slip
  4. Employee Pay Slip

Representative compensation slip, as we as a whole very much aware of it. It is the installment receipt, that each representative gets when he/she complete a given errand or occupation. It could be allowed on consistently or consistently or even on a month to month premise.

A representative pay slip is a prize for a worker that he acquires through his difficult work. An organization paid a representative in the trading of his experience and administrations for the organization.

For representatives, it is their privilege and an organization ought to be discharge worker pay slip as quickly as time permits.

1.     Monthly Pay Slip

A regularly scheduled compensation slip is remunerated to workers on the 30 days cycle. Mean a representative will get his income on consistently, he needs to hang tight for a 30 days before he gets paid.

In many spots, there is a regularly scheduled compensation slip framework works. In Pakistan, there are likewise regularly scheduled compensation framework works.

This installment framework is progressively solid and is appropriate for workers as well.

2.     PIFRA Salary Slip

PIFRA is Pakistani Institute for money specialists. PIFRA is a mix of Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing (Pakistan).

PIFRA pay slip is a framework created by the Pakistani Government for its workers. It is a generally excellent activity from the administration. Presently all administration representatives can get their installment slip online by means of email.

You simply need to top off an installment slip enlistment structure the official site of PIFRA. After fruitful enlistment, you will get your pay slip each month by means of email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. PIFRA is the abbreviation of?

  1. Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing is abbreviated as PIFRA.

Q2. How can one check the pay slip?

  1. The government of Pakistan availed this chance to check your salary slip online. However, note this that PIFRA will itself send you your pay slip each of the month to your e-mail id.

Q3. What exactly pay slip is?

  1. A salary pay slip is a record statement that your employer paid you for hiring you.

Q4. Why I do not receive my salary slip?

  1. In this regard you are not needed to panic if you do not get your pay slip. Every so often, it considers two or three days to receive your pay slip. But if you do not get your pay slip after a week then you should get in touch with PIFRA support.

Q5. What is the pay to change email id on PIFRA?

  1. If you want to change your email id on PIFRA due to any certain reason so give a call at +92- 51-9107248, your work will get done.

Final Words:

Pifra is online project particularly for those who works under government sector. Actually, it is an ease for government official to get their pay slip every month onto their email id. As everything is now digital so this is also a digital way Pakistan launched for government employees. If you are a government employee then you should also register yourself there.